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Vacation Rental Homes vs. Hotels

Vacation Rental Homes have both advantages and disadvantages when compared to staying in a hotel or resort. The vacation rental will provide a more private experience, with no guests other than your party. A rental home will also be more likely to offer amenities such as stereo equipment, VCR/DVD players, and game systems. Maid service and room service is not usually provided with a vacation home. A vacation home is also more likely to allow the family pet to stay.


A rental home can be perfect for large groups, where the price can be cheap when compared to the price or renting hotel rooms for each of the parties. These large rental homes can also be the ideal setting for formal weddings and honeymoons, with ample space for the wedding party and reception. Spring break vacationers will frequently find that vacation homes come at a discounted price when compared to hotel rates. A family reunion would be another occasion that the vacation rental home would be well suited for, with a private pool and yard for the reunion and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. The kitchen facilities would be an added advantage for the family reunion.


Vacation Places to Stay also offers homes which are located near local golf courses, allowing the avid golfer a relaxing holiday while the family can stay in comfort and enjoy other activities. Some areas of our network offer rental homes near ski resorts; others are near popular beach destinations. Other activities include swimming, scuba diving, boating and surfing at beach homes, as well as skiing, snowmobiling, snow boarding and snowshoeing at ski destinations.


Hotel rentals are normally a flat daily rate, with some offering a free day with extended stays. The rental home will frequently available at a discounted rate for weekly stays, for a substantial price savings. Many vacation homes will even offer monthly rates that most hotels could not even compare to. Most areas have an off season when the rental home is available at special rates. All of this is available without needing to deal with strangers in the hallway of the hotel.


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