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How to Choose a Vacation Rental

The first factor in choosing a rental home, as with many things, is frequently the price. Rates for rental homes vary widely depending on many factors, but you can usually find one in your price range. Discounts are widely available for weekly or monthly rentals, and the owner will usually have special prices during the non-peak seasons. There may be a higher rate for holidays such as Christmas and New Years, or special events like the Sundance Film Festival.


The second factor to consider is what features you require in the home and those that you would like.  Popular selling features on the Vacation Places to Stay network include items like a pool-rentals, private pool, hot tub/jacuzzi, and the number of bedrooms of the house. These may not be available in a condo or townhome rental. Another consideration would be whether you would like to bring the family pet, which would exclude many homes from your search.


A third factor to consider is the type of vacation rental where you would like to spend your holiday. At Vacation Places to Stay, we are proud to offer a wide variety of vacation rental types, with everything from fishing/hunting cabins in the mountains to luxury beach villas at your favorite beach vacation destination. Apartments, condos and townhomes provide different privacy expectations than vacation homes, cottages, or chalets.


The last major factor in choosing a rental home is its location.  Is it near the Ski Resort you want to go to, or located on the beach where you plan to work on your tan. How far is it to the local golf courses. You may need it to be near local shopping areas or restaurants. Or, you may want to get away from it all in a cabin in the backwoods for some hunting or fishing.


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